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So you have an awesome website and you’re receiving great traffic, but you’re not sure why it’s not converting to additional sales? Wanting to know which page layout, or even which colour button is more likely to lead to a conversion? Or you just want to get some meaningful feedback from your customers?

We can help setup the collection of specific metrics and also the right mechanisms to interpret that data, to help you make measured decisions and convert traffic in to revenue.

Below you can find out about our approach to website traffic analysis and also some of the tools we specialise in.


Through the use of Google Analytics we can assist with things such as: Website traffic analysis, real-time analytics, goals, ecommerce conversion-tracking, funneling, A/B split-testing and more!


Identify Your Target Audience

We use tools such as SurveyMonkey and Google Forms to collect useful information, so that you can understand what it is your customers like, or don’t like… whether Bob likes his hairy back scratched on a Wednesday or only on Sunday at night, in dim light, while eating ice cream… Kinky stuff. We know how to persuade people to happily give you the info you’re after and provide you with the results in an easy to read format. Let us show you how.


We strive to keep up to date with the latest in e-commerce, website and digital marketing trends. We keep our feelers out for those unexpected game-changers lurking on the horizon, so that our friends and clients don’t get caught out. We also love to identify and test new ways of enhancing online user-experiences.

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